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Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Welcome to my very first blog post!

I would like to share this space with performing arts managers, cultural professionals, students, artists, creative entrepreneurs, art lovers, friends...all the people that might be interested, somehow, in my topics. I will speak about creativity, innovation, old&new projects, cultural management, professional ethics, personal experience, analyzing the latest trends, articles, books from the field in the attempt to find a "recipe" for success. I will speak about my own experience and what it means to follow a dream!

ph Pino Izzo

I have decided to embrace this new challenge, due to the demanding and quite unusual times we are living in, hoping that it might help to shape a new perspective in the arts and cultural environment, to change mentalities, to deal with failure, success, courage, faith, happiness and sadness. To learn from the past, live in the present and create our future.

Looking forward to meeting you soon here, in this unconventional, virtual and interactive space!


ph Pino Izzo

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